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Lighting Solutions take your pick

From the energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp, through to the technically demanding HID Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamp sources, including the diverse range of Halogen, Linear Fluorescent and LED systems, Pierlite complement this ever expanding range of light sources with an innovative suite of luminaires created for the domestic, industrial, commercial and architectural market sectors.

Whether your lighting design requires architecturally creative post tops or bollards, sophisticated tunnel and roadway systems, energy efficient T5 fluorescent luminaires, professional stadium floodlighting, high performance highbay and commercial products, technically demanding emergency systems, robust weatherproof fluorescent and bulkheads or innovative downlight creations, Pierlite have the solution for you.
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SlenderLED Edgeless - SLEDGE/3-3/4KD

SLEDGE/3-3/4KD,Edgeless 4000K 18w 1250Lm Dimmable DALI Driver,295mm x 295mm..


SlenderLED Edgeless - SLEDGE/6-3/4K

SLEDGE/6-3/4K,Edgeless 4000K 35w 3000Lm Non Dimmable Electronic Driver,595mm x 295mm..


SlenderLED Edgeless - SLEDGE/6-6/4K

SLEDGE/6-6/4K,Edgeless 4000K 42w 3850Lm Non Dimmable Electronic Driver,595mm x 595mm..


SlenderLED Edgeless - SLEDGE/6-6/4KD

SLEDGE/6-6/4KD,Edgeless 4000K 42w 3850Lm Dimmable DALI Driver,595mm x 595mm..


SlenderLED Framed - SL/6-6/4KD

SL/6-6/4KD,Framed 4000K 42w 3450Lm Dimmable DALI Driver,595mm x 595mm..


Smart Scan Sensor - SMARTSCAN1

Code Version Dim Mass SMARTSCAN1 ILSCM02-P,1 Channel 1..


Smart Scan Sensor - SMARTSCAN2

Code Version Dim Mass SMARTSCAN2 ILSCM02-P, 2 Channel ..